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monthly competition

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Join our Monthly competitions for a chance to win an awesome electronic gadget.
  • To be eligible to join the monthly competitions:
    • User must have an active subscription to one of our plans
    • Users must use the send invitations feature at least 2 times inviting new people for each monthly competition


  • Scoring distribution to have a chance of winning the monthly competition:

Join Our Writing Tournaments!

You can only join the next tournament by invitation from us. Submit your own school email using our contact page to be considered to enter the tournament. every 4 months a tournament end and another start. the student who win the tournament for their school get $2000 prize, and all other schools gets participation prize and a professional review for their work.
  • Tournamnet rules:
    • Novella words count must be between 25000 to 40000 words
    • Novella must be in a finished state "fully completed"
    • Content of the submission must be original work in English owned by the author


  • Scoring distribution to have a chance of winning the Tournamnet:
    • book content review by NOVELORBOOK\Consultant
      • Potential power of the story based on review of both the book intro/hook and minimum numbers of chapters (4 points)
      • Overall salability based on review of both the book intro/hook and the minimum numbers of chapters (4 points)
      • Readability and cohesiveness of Chapters (4 points)

In order to be considered to win a prize, an entrant's Submission must receive a score of at least 5 points. To the extent that there are no Submissions that receive a score of 5 points, Tournamnet Sponsor may, but is not obligated to, select a winner in accordance with the criteria set forth above.

As an active subscriber to NOVELORBOOK, you can always claim your awesome daily prizes using the user Dashboard .

For more details about prizes and competitions please visit our terms of use Competition section
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